Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Name

By X

"love me" she said

so I took her body, gave her what I could

but she just would´t heat my blood

the face I loved appeared in my mind

but it wasn´t the one close to mine

I couldn´t forget the love of a life

the one I tried to leave behind

in the final moment I called loud her name

a tear then appeared

rolled down my face, fell on her lips

she said "your love ain´t sweet"

love? what love?

just trying to fake myself!

we stopped, I could bear it no more

she spoke again, weeping, I guess

"I know your heart ain't mine

I know you don´t share my joy

you think I´m just your toy.

but tell me for God´s sake

why do you call my name?"

I couldn't pretend anymore

my soul was burning inside

laughter scaped from my throat

it was my time to talk:

"I don´t want to break your heart

but it´s too late to save mine

I wonder who is it to blame

for you both got the same name!!!"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

El Más Grande Misterio

Thousands of years passed, millions of theorems derived, crores of formulae made, but still... X is unknown!!